How to translate Spanish addresses

Here’s a quick guide to how to understand and translate Spanish addresses.

  • Unlike in English, the number of the property comes after the street name.
  • ‘c/’ in an address means calle, street.
    ‘Av’ means avenida, avenue.
    ‘bajo’ means low, so it means the unit at street level
  • Another number after the main number means the door number in that building.
  • ‘Esc’ means escalier, staircase. And you might get the floor number too.

So you might see:
c/ Harry Weston 3, esc A, 3°, 4
which would mean
Harry Weston Street, building number 3, stairwell A, 3rd floor, door number 4

  • After that you just get the postcode, which covers a much bigger area in Spain, and the city name. And then the province, if relevant.
  • In Valencia, many street signs show the street name in the local language, Valenciano. Just as in Barcelona, the street names are in Catalan. It’s easy enough to work out you’re in right place though. Carrer in Valenciano means street.

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